Why is my Skin Better in the Summer?

Why does my skin look so much better in the summer?

The season where our skin seems to always thrive!

As many of us already know, weather has a significant effect on our skin. In the winter months, many of us deal with rough, irritable, and dry skin. Dry skin leads to dead skin cells clogging pores which results in acne. Acne breakouts are typically the worst in the winter time due to the cold and dry weather. However, certain products used to manage dryness such as lotions can also be a cause for acne breakouts.

When it comes time for the warmer months of summer, many of us notice a newfound glow to our skin. Our skin becomes so much more clear all of a sudden and a lot easier to manage in general. The humidity in the air can soften up our skin, and all that moisture that lacked in the winter is back again. 

We’re going to discuss some of the major reasons why our skin is better in the summer. 

Sunlight rays

Ultraviolet light is the sunlight ray that is emitted from the sun. Ultraviolet light has the ability to provide positive effects on skin, due to its anti-inflammatory properties. 

This means that ultraviolet light can reduce redness and swelling, which can help with certain skin conditions such as acne and psoriasis. An important treatment for psoriasis even uses UV light to help reduce symptoms. 

More frequent cool showers and baths

Believe it or not, taking cooler showers and baths can be really healthy for our skin. During the winter months, many of us resort to taking hot showers and baths to help us feel better because  of the cold weather outside. Even though it feels good, hot water really does not do our skin any good at the end of the day. Hot water strips all the natural oils off of our skin, which can lead to redness, sensitivity, and dryness. 

In the summer time however, more of us tend to take cooler showers and baths because it is much warmer outside.

Cool water provides a number of different benefits for the skin: 

  • Skin appearance is tightened which gives it a renewed and refreshed look.
  • Body circulation is boosted which can help the skin look healthier. 
  • Pores and face puffiness can be reduced by using cold water. 

Cool water is also great to use on your hair to help protect that moisture!

Girl enjoying a cool shower
Cool showers on warm summer days are the best!

Positive mood

The weather’s warm and the sun is usually out, so of course you’re gonna have some happier vibes going on. The sun can help with a boost in mood and make you feel much more relaxed. Stress and more negative associated feelings can take a toll on our skin. Relaxation and more of a positive overall mood however, can really benefit your skin.

Good vibes only
Summer time is the time for good vibes

Side effects on skin due to stress:

  • Stress has been shown to interfere with skin barrier production and dehydrate the skin.
  • Stress can result in some to pull on, scratch, and grab their skin consistently.
  • Stress can worsen conditions like rosacea and psoriasis that creates more inflamed acne lesions.

Benefits of relaxation on the skin:

  • Better oxygen flow to the skin, cellular health is boosted.
  • More vibrant, tightened, and healthy skin complexion overall.

Ways to take proper care of your skin in the summer

Even though summer is the time where our skin may be thriving, there are steps we should take to ensure our skin is still being taken care of. Skin care is important all year round!

Wear sunscreen

Even though the sunlight rays can have benefits dealing with things like anti inflammation, it’s still important to protect yourself from the sun in terms of sunburn effects. You should always wear some form of sunscreen (preferably SPF 30, broad spectrum protection) whenever you are out in the sun for long periods at a time. 

Banana boat spf 30 sunscreen
SPF 30 is recommended for all sunscreen products. Photo courtesy of www.walmart.com 

Maintain a simple skin care routine

  • Keep moisturizing: Even though your skin may have enough moisture now in the summer, the heat can still cause your skin to get a bit dry at some points. Weighty moisturizers can make your face and body feel really heavy. A perfect light moisturizing skin gel can be found here from the company Pixi!
  • Avoid over exfoliating: Typically in the summer months, you should only be exfoliating your skin around only once or twice per week. Exfoliating your skin can help to unclog pores as well as reduce the look of blemishes. The more you exfoliate your skin, the more likely your skin is to red, tight, and crack.
  • Avoid over washing your face: Along with exfoliating your skin, it’s important to not wash your face too much, specifically throughout the summer months. Because it is warm outside and we got sweaty, many of us tend to wash our faces throughout the day to clean the sweat off. However, you are washing away those natural moisturizers you have in your skin. It is recommended that you only wash your face every morning and night. 
  • Try out self tanning: A natural tan is some form of sun damage to the skin, no matter what. However, a good alternative to this method of tanning is to self tan on your own. Tanning mousse is a great way to give your skin the look of a natural tan. A product such as Skinerals Onyx Self Tanner Mousse will build up the color of your tan over time. Each day, you apply a little bit more product as you go until you get the skin tone that you are ultimately satisfied with. 

Skinerals tanning mousse
Skinerals Onyx Sunless Tanning Mousse. Photo courtesy of www.amazon.com

Pixi H20 gel moisturizer
Pixi H20 Gel Moisturizer. Photo courtesy of www.pixi.com 

Typically, summer provides us with lovely weather which can help with the condition of our skin. Less stress, more moisture, and some beneficial sun rays can all factor into why our skin can be so much better in the summer. However, It’s important to remember to still look after your skin and take care of it. Don’t over wash your face, wear some light moisturizer, and remember to always wear your sunscreen when you will be out in the sun for a while!

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