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Invisalign is a widely popular alternative to traditional braces, offering a nearly invisible solution for teeth straightening in Washington, PA. Instead of relying on brackets, wires, and rubber bands, Invisalign leverages a series of transparent plastic aligners to gently guide your teeth into a more aligned position. At Dr. Wakim’s office, we kickstart the process with a digital scanning system, creating a precise 3D digital image of your mouth and the initial condition of your teeth.

Invisalign®: A Discreet Path To A Straighter Smile

This detailed image forms the foundation for your personalized treatment plan, meticulously charting the step-by-step adjustments your teeth will undergo and estimating the time required for completion. You’ll be provided with a set of aligners that you’ll change approximately every week to maintain the gradual progress of your teeth. Each aligner is custom-molded to your teeth’s contours and may feel a bit snug initially. With each transition to a new aligner, your smile edges closer to perfect alignment.

Invisalign works by delivering a customized orthodontic solution tailored to your specific needs. These clear, comfortable aligners are constructed from smooth SmartTrack® plastic, rendering them virtually invisible while they do their work. Your doctor crafts a treatment plan and sends a 3D model of your teeth to the Invisalign makers, who then create your aligners for the precise realignment of your teeth. As you progress through the series of aligners, you’ll witness your smile gradually transforming into its desired, straighter form.

Common Questions

To care for your Invisalign aligners, remember to clean them twice daily as part of your regular hygiene routine. Gently brush them with a soft-bristled toothbrush to avoid damaging the finish. Always rinse your aligners under cool water before putting them back in your mouth. Clean your teeth after eating or drinking to ensure your mouth is free of food debris before reinserting your aligners. When you eat, use the provided aligner case to protect them from damage and loss. Avoid exposing your aligners to heat, and never use hot water on them.

No, it’s important to remove your Invisalign aligners before eating or drinking. This prevents damage to the aligners and maintains their cleanliness. Enjoy your meals and beverages, then clean your teeth and reinsert the aligners once you’ve finished.

If you lose or misplace an Invisalign aligner, don’t worry. Hold on to your previous aligners; they can serve as a backup until your new set can be remade. This ensures that your treatment continues without interruption.

Opting for Invisalign offers several advantages, including the ability to straighten your smile discreetly. You can also enjoy the freedom to eat and drink without restrictions, maintain excellent oral hygiene, and easily participate in special social occasions, such as school dances and yearbook pictures. Invisalign seamlessly fits into your lifestyle, whether you’re a teenager or an adult seeking clear aligner treatment.

Invisalign is designed to address a range of common orthodontic issues, including overcrowding, overbites, underbites, open bites, crossbites, and gaps between teeth. To achieve optimal results, it’s essential to wear your aligners for at least 22 hours a day, as consistent use is crucial for the success of your treatment. Your beautiful, healthy smile depends on it!

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