Self-care is Needed Now More than Ever

This pandemic has caused more stress, anxiety, and self image issues for me than I thought possible. What are some ways to help get me out of this rut?

The global pandemic that hit us hard back in March is still contributing stress to our lives nearly six months later. Half of this year has been consumed by a disease that we just can’t seem to break, and it seems to be breaking most of us instead. With so much uncertainty, many of us end up worrying, stuck inside with no place to go, and trying our best to keep our sanity. That definitely wears on us, physically and emotionally.

We haven’t had much of an opportunity to get out and do something to make ourselves feel good these days. Getting dressed up and going out to dinner, enjoying a night out on the town with friends, or attending live concerts and sporting events used to be a great way to enjoy ourselves and even boost our confidence. Unfortunately, these things are not readily available to us now, and many seem to find themselves at home with extra time to focus on all the negative. And, yes, there’s a lot of negativity in the world these days. Well, what if we used this extra time to switch our focus to the things that we CAN do to better ourselves?! The most important thing is to realize that self-care and self-fulfillment begins with what we are telling ourselves, and we need to start telling ourselves that, even in this world today, we CAN take control of the things that are prohibiting us from feeling our absolute best!

Our physiology is at the center of managing self-care. It can cause, add to, and even perpetuate how we feel. This physiology can be so many things from physical pain to our physical appearance. Stressors in life can also cause some physical changes that may become cosmetic issues, and sometimes you can get stressed because of the way you see yourself. That’s normal; it’s okay. It’s also okay to do what you feel might fix that. When you look good, you feel good. And when you feel good, you look even better! Fortunately, Botox (Botulinum toxin) can help with both!

Botox sometimes has a negative connotation. It shouldn’t. Like anything that is misused, it can have undesired results. It is all on how you use it. If it could help your self esteem and overall well being, that’s what matters. Botox works by blocking the transmitters between the motor nerves that innervate the muscle. Once the motor nerve endings are interrupted, the muscle cannot contract, and when the muscle relaxes, the wrinkles in the skin begin to smooth. It can help anything from forehead lines, crow’s feet, glabellar lines – commonly referred to as “elevens” in between the eyes, fine lip lines, migraines, disorders of the TMJ, clenching, teeth grinding (Bruxism), and a variety of additional orofacial pain.

I’m still young for Botox, or at least I feel like I am. Is age something to consider?

Botox can help with plenty more than wrinkles, including providing relief from TMJ and orofacial pain. Consider giving it a chance, even as a preventative measure. You need to look and feel good for YOU. This procedure will relax the overworked muscles, which can in turn relieve the pain that ultimately makes you feel uncomfortable or unhappy. If you don’t feel good physically, it is hard to be your best self. It is, however, intended for adult use only.

Dr. Wakim offers Botox to adults over the age of 18 and acknowledges that many individuals in their mid to late twenties use this as a great preventative treatment. Starting early forces your muscles to not work as hard, therefore preventing the muscles from getting overworked to the point of causing pain and discomfort, as well as forming wrinkles. Botox is a transient treatment, so to see consistent, on-going results, regular treatments are needed. A typical schedule for treatments is every three to four months, but as muscles get used to the treatment over time, you may not need to come as often.

While you can start early, it is also never too late to start! Our skin and muscles can carry our stresses that accumulate over the years, and Dr. Wakim can treat them both to help you feel and look 10 years younger.

Will people judge me for getting Botox? Not to mention, I don’t love the idea of a needle in my face…

First and foremost, forget about what other people think! Yes, some people may attach a negative meaning to (over)using Botox for cosmetic purposes, but we believe people should give it a chance. It can easily be maintained to keep a natural look, and the results can give you a boost in confidence. And, the only person who should care how you’re fulfilling confidence is yourself. Oftentimes it is this little confidence booster that is needed to launch a ripple effect throughout your entire life!

Now, about the needles… don’t be concerned. We use tiny needles that all you will feel is a little pinch. We can also use a little numbing agent to help you not even feel it at all. The overall procedure is pretty short, and once we establish your personal regimen, we can have you in and out in 10 minutes. Although, Botox does take up to two weeks to achieve it’s full effects, so don’t jump to any conclusions while it’s still working. We ask our patients to come back in 14 days to evaluate the need for any enhancements. We then can tailor a specific protocol for your treatments, fine tuning as needed with time. The most common side effect is the potential of bruising and soreness in the area treated. This is completely normal, and varies from patient to patient. That being said, we simply recommend not having the treatment done right before a big event, so you can heal if any bruising does occur.

Our goal is to help you love living and love smiling. Dr. Wakim wants to make sure you’re happy with you first.

Is it safe to go to the office right now?

While these are not ideal conditions, it is completely safe, and Dr. Wakim’s office follows specific protocols that actually go above and beyond all CDC recommendations to make sure that both you and the team stay safe.

We no longer have a physical reception area. You let us know when you arrive and then stay in your car until we are ready. This way we are limiting the amount of patients in our office at one time. Before entering the main office, temperatures are taken, and patients are asked to sanitize their hands and phones. We also spray the bottom of everyone’s shoes with electrolyzed saline solution to disinfect them. Our clinical team is donned in surgical personal protective equipment for every patient encounter. While wearing face masks is nothing new for this profession, we still want to make sure everyone feels as safe as possible.

Your happiness and safety is of the utmost importance here at Dr. Wakim’s office. We want to be sure you feel comfortable coming in whether it’s for a regular dental checkup or for any other adjunctive procedure, like Botox. We work hard to provide a safe environment for you both physically and mentally. We will always encourage our patients to live, love, and smile, and remind them that it’s important to take the steps necessary to love living and love smiling! And, if you think Botox treatments can help with that, do it!

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