Top 10 Best Natural and Organic Kids’ Toothpastes

This Guide Will Help You Find a Natural and Organic Toothpaste for Your Child

You want the best for your child and when it comes to toothpaste there are so many options deciding which to use can be overwhelming. We’ve already picked what we think are the top five best kids’ toothpastes, but in this article we’ll look at four more natural toothpastes and two natural and organic toothpastes. 

Not all of the natural toothpastes we will discuss in this article are organic, but they all have their own benefits and are great options for keeping your child’s teeth naturally clean, white, and healthy. 

Why Natural Toothpaste?

Natural Toothpaste May Be the Best Option for Your Kids

Natural toothpastes are made without chemicals, preservatives, and artificial ingredients. If you’re worried about what your child is swallowing when they aren’t good at spitting after they brush their teeth, you might consider natural toothpastes so you know anything they might swallow is safe. You can also find natural toothpastes that do contain fluoride if you want your child to keep using a natural variety when they know to always spit. 

Natural toothpastes usually avoid using SLS, a foaming component that can cause mouth irritation, parabens, a preservative, and artificial colors and flavors. Because of these omissions, natural toothpaste tends to look, taste, and feel a little different but if you find the right one it can be just as effective and might be the perfect choice for your child’s dental health. 

In the top five kids’ toothpastes article we talked about:

  • Toms’ of Maine – natural toothpaste both with and without fluoride
  • Weleda – natural tooth gel designed for young teeth
  • Burt’s Bees – natural toothpaste both with and without fluoride
  • Hello Products – natural and organic toothpaste both with and without fluoride

Now here are six more great options for natural and organic toothpaste. 

Biöm NOBS Jr. Kids Toothpaste

fluoride-free toothpaste

NOBS Jr. is a popular fluoride-free toothpaste formulated specifically for kids. Not only does it feature an all-natural bubble gum flavor that kids love, but it also contains 5% nano hydroxyapatite which aids in remineralizing teeth for stronger, healthier smiles.”

Jack N’ Jill Natural Toothpaste

A strawberry flavored natural kids' toothpaste from Jack N' Jill.
Strawberry is just one of Jack N’ Jill’s many fun flavors designed to make your kids look forward to brushing their teeth. Image courtesy of

Jack N’ Jill natural toothpaste for kids and babies is made without SLS, parabens, colors, sugar, or other artificial preservatives. It also does not contain fluoride, which is important if your child does not know how to spit after brushing yet. Jack N’ Jill’s toothpaste is safe for your child if swallowed. 

Jack N’ Jill toothpaste comes in lots of fun flavors and they also have a flavor free option. Their products are made from recycled and natural materials, like corn starch and bamboo instead of plastic. 

Earth’s Best 

A strawberry and banana flavored kids' toothpaste from Earth's Best. The package includes a free gum brush.
Although Earth’s Best toothpaste is not organic, it is natural. Earth’s Best sells many other organic products for babies and toddlers. Image courtesy of

Earth’s Best toothpaste is designed for kids ages 6 months to 3 years. Their toothpaste is fluoride free and safe if swallowed. It’s made with natural flavors and contains calcium lactate, which helps support strong teeth. This toothpaste comes in a yummy strawberry and banana flavor sure to please your kids. 


RiseWell’s cake batter flavor makes it appealing to your child and their mineral formula makes it effective for cleaning and whitening teeth. Image courtesy of

RiseWell explains that their signature ingredient is hydroxyapatite, which is a naturally occurring mineral. Hydroxyapatite coats teeth and strengthens them. It even remineralizes as your child’s teeth grow, meaning it continues to be effective. 

RiseWell toothpaste for kids is safe if swallowed, 100% natural and safe, developed by dentists, and free of fluoride, SLS, sulfates, parabens, and artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives. Their website includes a description of all the ingredients that are in their toothpaste so you know exactly what your kids are putting in their mouths. Lastly (and maybe most importantly from your child’s point of view) RiseWell kids toothpaste is cake batter flavored. 

Poofy Organics

The front and back of a packet of cherry flavored kids' toothpaste from Poofy Organics
The label on Poofy Organics toothpaste shows how few ingredients there are in this natural and organic toothpaste. The ingredients are all explained on their website. Image courtesy of

Poofy Organics is certified USDA organic. They make their kids’ toothpaste out of distilled water, organic arrowroot powder, organic glycerin (soybean, maize or mustard), organic erythritol, bentonite clay, and organic cherry flavor oil made from organic sunflower oil and natural flavors. They also provide explanations for each ingredient on their website. 

Poofy Organics does say this toothpaste takes some getting used to, mainly in terms of texture, but comes in a cherry flavor that reviewers say their children love. 

Redmond Earthpaste

A Lemon Twist flavored Earth Paste toothpaste from Redmond.
Redmond made this toothpaste to be natural, safe, and healthy for the whole family. Image courtesy of

Earthpaste is intended to be toothpaste safe for the whole family. Earthpaste has only a few ingredients, purified water, bentonite Clay, xylitol, sea salt, and essential oils. Their flavor options come from the essential oils–wintergreen, tea tree oil, menthol, lemon, lemon verbena, tangerine, lime, peppermint, spearmint, and cinnamon. Not only is Earthpaste fluoride free, but they explain that all of their ingredients have been used in other forms to support healthy systems. 


An organic dragon fruit gel toothpaste for kids from RADIUS.
RADIUS has flavors in both paste and gel form so you can choose which variety and flavor is best for you and your child. Image courtesy of

RADIUS is also certified USDA organic. They explain all their ingredients on their website and their toothpaste does not contain any chemicals, pesticides, GMOs, glutens, fluoride, saccharin, SLS, SLES, carrageenan, parabens, detergents, or synthetics. This toothpaste uses organic rice powder to polish teeth. 

RADIUS says their toothpastes look and feel a bit different than regular toothpaste because they don’t include any dyes and have a thinner texture. Although they don’t use SLS, this toothpaste does create a slight natural foam during use. RADIUS sells a paste, in mint aloe neem, ginger citrus, and coconut banana, and a gel, in matcha mint, clove cardamom, and dragon fruit. Coconut banana and dragon fruit are the ones intended for kids. 

A little girl happily brushing her teeth with natural toothpaste.
Natural and organic toothpastes come in lots of fun flavors your kids will enjoy. Image courtesy of @jackandjillkids

There are plenty of options out there for a natural and organic toothpaste for kids. Explore these varieties and talk to your dentist about the best possible toothpaste for your child. 

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